I've been through this and still going through it but I've cut ties totally. It's hard, really hard. But that's what sociopaths are good at. They feel like soulmates because they are really interested in you, your past, etc. But they are actually looking for vulnerabilities that they can exploit and use against you. There's a sock for every foot so don't feel that there's no-one else for you. There will be. But work on yourself first. The emotions you're going through are dreadful. You feel like a part of you is missing but it is exactly the same as you feel if you're addicted to drugs and can't get a fix. Cut ties. Go with the emotional turmoil. Get yourself through it any way you can. You'll come out a happier person. You were fine before you met this one, you didn't need him then so you don't need him now or in the future.