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Thread: My girlfriend cant get over her ex boyfriend (What can i do?)

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    You know, to me and it might sound crazy, an emotion affair is so much worse then a physical affair.

    Have you ever had a woman who just looks at you and you know she is in love with you?

    Have you ever had a woman who does things for you even if you didn't ask to because she just wants to and whatever that thing is big or small? she was thinking about you the entire time doing it.

    A woman's true affection is intoxicating and the best feeling in the world. This is the part of an element that you are missing from your relationship, she is depriving you of it because she is constantly thinking about someone else.

    The answer is simple. Walk away, no matter what she says just walk away, you'll never have this with this woman.

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    I agree with the previous replies that stated that the real problem lies with your gf and not with her ex. She is not over him and that renders her emotionally unavailable to you. If she lost her virginity to him and never got the chance to really get to know him, she probably has overidealized him and has trouble letting go of the fantasy she has created in her mind. Regardless, if a year on she is pining over him so openly, sadly she is not ready for a healthy relationship and that's a good reason to break up.

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    Originally Posted by unknown231

    It's complicated, I know and I want to be with my girlfriend and she tells me that she wants to be with me. I truly believe that. Her and I are not "frat" people and I believe that we truly love each other, but her ex is just causing us troubles. What can i do in this situation? What should I do in this situation? Thanks for reading all of this. If there's anything you'd like to know, please let me know. I'll answer.
    No it's not complicated at all. She's into someone else. All her talk is just 'blah blah, drama and BS' Raise your standards.

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