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Thread: Does he like me?

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    Does he like me?

    So Iím currently a sophomore in college and Iím openly gay. Starting in the fall semester Iíve noticed one of my classmates looking at me. Iíve told one of my closest friends that he is attractive but one of them are so loud mouth they basically outed me in front of the classroom. One of them basically said ďIs that the guy you was talking about?Ē in front of him. Ever since that heís been looking at me, sitting next to me, and even smiling at me. One day I noticed he was staring at me through my jobs window which is on campus. I donít know if heís homosexual so thatís why I havenít confronted him.

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    Platinum Member mustlovedogs's Avatar
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    Do you guys know each other?

    If not, invite him to a study session. If yes, invite him to coffee between classes.

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    I don't think a straight boy would be acting the way he is acting. He sounds like he's gay.

    Invite him to join you and your friends.

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    You need to find this out. Invite him for a beer and get a sense of that. If he's not gay, just move on. In the meantime join some LGBT groups on campus and consider some gay dating apps. Grindr, etc, so at least you know who's available and gay.
    Originally Posted by jayster01
    I donít know if heís homosexual so thatís why I havenít confronted him.


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