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Thread: Day 3 No Contact - Help!

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    May 2019
    I went against all your advice and took him back in early May. Things had been terrific until the last couple of weeks. We had been communicating, disagreements were handled easily, etc.

    Today he forwarded me an email that contained information about his business having purchased property. I’m a real estate agent, and he had failed to mention a high level commercial property transaction. When I asked about it, he said “oh we don’t need to talk about that. It’s boring” and tried to change the subject. When I told him that I didn’t think he understood how upset I was, he sent an eye roll emoji and said I was trying to start an argument, also saying “if you want to cancel our plans tonight, just let me know”. Then proceeded to text the other couple to cancel. I told him it upsets me that he would hide something like that, and it makes me question what else he will hide. He then called me a “ who will make his life miserable”, and said he would have “no further dealings with me”. He proceeded to block me on social media and text. I know the answers that are coming, but I just need to vent this evening and maybe someone will have some insight into this extreme and childish reaction.

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    The next time you take him back he'll do the same thing. The next time after that too.

    He behaves like this because you keep taking him back. He has zero reason to change.

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