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Thread: Get married first, heal resentments later?

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    no abuser is abusive all of the time. Of course you'll have some good times when you aren't being psychologically and emotionally beaten. That's what makes abuse so insidious and why people get stuck.


    Please read up on the "mean/sweet" cycle. And the wheel of abuse.

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    Use common sense and logic. Be reasonable and sensible. Forget about marriage and heaven forbid, don't bring children into the world with unstable, unhappy parents otherwise it will be a recipe for disaster.

    Both of you are obviously not in love with each other. Couples who are truly in love with each other, treat each other with utmost respect, consideration and sensitivity in mind. Your relationship with your girlfriend lacks all basic foundations for harmonious, smooth, compatible daily living.

    You and your girlfriend have a very abnormal, toxic, dysfunctional relationship. Break it off with her and give each other permanent space. In the future, be with a normal lady and have a normal, loving, respectful, mentally stable relationship. After that, both of you can contemplate and discuss serious marriage commitment.

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