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Exactly what I was going to write. A straight guy may be your friend, but he is not interested in being your go-to person about everything. I am sure he wonders if you are hitting on him.

Back off and let your friendship have a little air.
I have a male friend whose gay and for about 2 years we would text daily. For some reason it's difficult for me to ignore text so generally I respond promptly kinda of my downfall. Also I didn't initially start texting he got my number from some sort of group course project we had been working. At first I think there was a bit of a crush involved, on his part, because after talking with a few mutual male friends both got the same vibe. Honestly, we were all in a small academic field, where everyone knows everyone, so I can understand him being interested in a couple decent looking guys that shared the same passion/interest.

Anyway, this dudes a good guy but eventually we came to a point where I was kinda overwhelmed. He would sent me snapchat messages of dumb stuff. Not sure if this is still a feature but there was a streak feature so you could have 50day 100day streaks with friends who you message everyday. I forget what number we were at but I was over it and broke it. We text now maybe 2-3x per week (still quite a bit) and everything fine! We still talk about general stuff like you said daily happening, gossips, hopes, dreams, fears, future plan, relationships, ect... just not as much.

I feel like you might just be reaching that point where he feels somewhat overwhelmed. Just broke up with his girlfriend, might be texting her to try and reconcile the relationship but is getting notices from you which is frustrating him more. If he's a true friend which is sounds like he is, he values your friendship, I think he just needs space to figure out things.