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Thread: I'm an ugly person and getting a date is proving impossible.

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    Originally Posted by Kantriakhor
    The parts about the brain being malleable is interesting. I do try to do those other things... itís just difficult.
    I know Kantriak, it was difficult for me too. I had to read the book a few times before I fully understand and was able to put into practice.

    I took one step at a time; and now years later I get it and it helps me a lot!

    Another book I like, it's short but so powerful is Deepak Chopra's "Seven Spiriitual Laws of Success."

    I still read it from time to time, it's on my coffee table right now.

    It really lifts me up; again it's very very short, took two hours to read literally, but so so powerful!!

    Reading can provide great inspiration, but shouldn't replace the intensive therapy you need to heal the deep wounds from your past though.

    It's all a journey Kantriak, a beautiful journey.

    You'll find your place, but you need to believe it first!

    I'm rooting for you!


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    I did some of the recommended reading. The whole ďbelieving before seeingĒ aspect chafes at me still and while I canít compliment myself I am doing my best to avoid picking at myself. I do worry that Iíll always be waiting and never ďhealed enoughĒ to be desireable to any woman. Almost feels like a double punishment haha

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