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Thread: should i tell him and how that hes now a father

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    Originally Posted by wowsers
    he wanted it to be a secret

    I was just in the gym a lot and trying to gain weight also I have always had irregular periods so I never paid attention to them

    Well I guess not actually kill me

    yes they have but they have him and there is a lot of court stuff going on between them like a war (metaphorically speaking)

    he was a great friend of my mother's and the best friend on my cousin until they all basically started framing each other and involving jail And his father is my mother's ex and we weren't supposed to be anywhere around each other's families after that

    He has never actually met her and no I wasn't I actually really liked the guy and wanted a relationship
    If his father is your mom's ex, that means he is your step brother or half brother?? Getting Ready for a First Date

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    yes s for years and no we are not family just distant neighbors
    we are almost the same age he's just about a month older
    just an ex fling no kids nor relationship and the fling was i guess after i got pregnant

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    How old is he? Does he have a steady job? Go to court and file for child support. Tell him you suspect he's the father and discuss if he wants visitation/shared custody. Stop getting wrapped up in family drama. Focus on making a better life for yourself and your child. Do you support yourself and the child? Do you work or go to school?

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