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Thread: Almost Relationship with Colleague Ended - please need advice

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    Develop a convenient case of amnesia and treat the guy as kindly and as professionally as you'd treat a stranger with whom you're scheduled to collaborate.

    Work is not therapeutic environment. You have a job to do, so be professional and behave in ways to make yourself proud.

    Head high, and keep your dating pool outside of work.

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    I married someone I originally met at work, we dated while working there for about a year (we each left that company). I think it's fine to date people you meet at work as long as there is no supervisory relationship and as long as you don't work closely together (all true in my case). I worked many hours and unpredictably so meeting people at work was natural as it was for several of my friends who met their SOs/spouses that way. I hope you are ok, that the meeting went ok and that you are feeling better.

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