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Thread: My brother's enemy me the scapegoat

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    My brother's enemy me the scapegoat

    Thank you for this forum I thought my brother loved me my whole life my our mother died and he betrayed me more then a sworn enemy betrayal so bitter I lost my whole life got in trouble lost custody of my 2 boys became homeless felt dead and thought about dying I walked away from my life a few years ago after trying to please the forces at work till I was mentally and emotionally exhausted I am here to say you can heal little by little I have always been an easy target for people to hurt me I have gone to hell and back and I can finally say I am no one's co dependent door mat any longer I have scars but I am ready to stand for me now wish me luck

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    I do. I wish you luck and strength and confidence. I've felt an easy target for decades too, but one gets tired of that and decides their life and dignity is just as important as anyone else's.

    Talk more if it helps.

    Can you see your boys now? How old are they?


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