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Thread: Boyfriend like hentai and porn

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    Boyfriend like hentai and porn

    Hello, English isn't my first language, but I'll try to explain. I (22f) and my boyfriend (22) were dating from 5 years ago. I recently know that he likes to see hentai, and both of us likes Anime so I thought that was OK, I mean he's a man. But, he goes to the bathroom and jerk off everyday watching his phone. I know this because now we live together and the bathroom's door doesn't close well. And looking for something in the historial of the pc, I discovered that he watch porn as well. My problem is... that hurt me, we live together, and I can't no start thinking that maybe I'm not enough for him. Why he need to do that? Why not telling me he likes that? Also he likes playing games and all his characters are women, like erotic women and also he plays hentai games... I overreacting? I feel hurt about this. Can you please tell me what can I do? Even if I tell him that I have problems with my appearance and that it hurt me see how much he likes perfect and sexy characters, he forgets what I said and I feel like he doesn't care, but he still loves me? so I don't know what to do and ended here.

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    Just figure out how much you don't like all these things and make your decision based on what you need to be happy. You cannot change someone or control someone. Practice healthy self-image and settle for no less than love and mutual respect in all your relationships. Make a decision regarding this relationship and consider your own happiness. Keep growing forwards.

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