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Thread: Lost, confused, and hurt

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    Lost, confused, and hurt

    My boyfriend and I just got back together 2 months ago. I broke up with him 5 months ago because he was moving away and gave me an ultimatum because of long distance. I was for it but he wasnít. Three weeks goes by and he dropped off candy and a card apologizing for the ultimatum and said he wanted to try the LDR cause he would rather have me 2200 miles away than not at all. I didnít take him back immediately because I had found out he was on a dating site so I said we just needed to take time and fix ourselves first. However, I was still sleeping with him up until he moved away. We stayed in contact for the most part and even when I stopped talking to him, he was still trying to talk to me. Well, I finally caved and decided to work things out with him only to find out that he was sleeping with another girl the whole time he was sleeping with me during our break up. I had to find out through the girl too. I know we werenít together anymore but really? How can you do that if you truly love someone who is still around? He said that he kept her around cause I wasnít certain about getting back together and that he wanted to soak up as much time with me as possible before moving and possibly saying our final goodbyes. He admitted he was completely wrong for using her to get over me but she bought a plane ticket to go see him and he was even making plans with her like they were already together then he waited until the day before she was supposed to leave to tell her we were working things out again. I freaked out on him and he flew across the nation the very next weekend to apologize and ask for forgiveness so I decided to give him another shot. He seems to have been more open since we got back together but Iím still struggling with how to get past the fact that their physical relationship turned into something more. How do I move on from this? Should I have walked away?

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    What was his ultimatum?

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    Watch the overall character, including honesty, integrity and maturity rather than grand gestures. He lacks character but has all the phony impressive gestures down... candy, trips, crocodile tears, etc. This means he's playing you for the fool. Sadly you are too impressed with romcom drama and that is blinding you to the reality of his lack of respect for you.

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