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Thread: Me [25 M] is confused on why a [21 F] acted pissed and doesn't seem to want to a

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    Me [25 M] is confused on why a [21 F] acted pissed and doesn't seem to want to a

    Hey all, quick summary, there was a history between me and this girl who use to 'harrass me' on fb, and really annoy me. She even admit herself that she was trying to annoy me. She ignored me in person and really acted pissy with me. Not sure maybe she was shy thats fine but then she resorted to being annoying on fb.

    I cursed her out and then she blocked me. She had me blocked for quite a while and recently i saw she unblocked me. Not sure whether it was because she was over it or whatever. Thats fine but I certainly moved on.

    I decided in my mind not to include her in my life, because it just brought me problems. So then there was a gathering I had, I kinda of was forced to host it because some friends I knew came from another country.

    I didn't invite her, but there were other people she knew that were invited. The thing is that I have a history with her, and it was kinda clear from her blocked me for a really long time that she didn't want anything to do with me.

    But then at that gathering, I would say so many people were snubbing me and ignoring me, obviously giving me a hint that what I did was wrong.

    I do not admit I did anything wrong maybe they had ties with her, which is fine but I don't.

    Fast forward I saw her, and we were talking, Idk I figured okay lets try to make things ok? She seemed interested talking to me.

    Next time, she seemed to be ignoring me and Really seemed pissed at me. I don't know why but i just here and there tried to talk to her but other times she was getting any opportunity to insult me or make fun of me.

    I tried one time asking her to hang out and told her , her sister could come along (you should just so that it wouldn't be awkward) she just bluntly replied 'Idk you have to ask my sister.' I kinda got the message but me her and some other friends went somewhere and she clearly looked Really upset with me, she was talking to nearly everyone else but me, and when I was talking she just stared at me with that look.

    Honestly why I'm bringing this up is that other people I know are kinda of treating me differently since I am trying not to include her in my life, its not that I was trying to insult her, I just don't want anything to do with her.

    Don't know what to do now, when I ignore her its like this, when I try to get to know her its like this.

    Any advice? lol.

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    She sounds too immature for you. Find girls who are not this kind of headache to deal with. You can't change her.

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