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Thread: Virgin at 26 - Ask Anything - Please Advise!

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    Silver Member Betterwithout's Avatar
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    I was a bit of a late bloomer myself.
    Like most endeavors, Practice, practice, practice is what helps.

    Never let rejection be a reason not to start a conversation.

    FWIW, Brad Pitt isn't for everyone. Some women don't like white guys, or blond guys, or perhaps like taller men.
    There is someone for everyone. If you are a little more introverted, that's ok too.

    Be yourself, don't worry about what everyone else is doing or how many people are having sex all around you.

    Just be you, and do you. ...and practice your conversation skills with everyone. That includes the little old lady in the grocery store.

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    Originally Posted by DazzaHatty92
    I thought iíd have a look at my tinder for the first time in ever. Liked a few girls and then a match showed! I was taken a back! Sent her a message pointing out two of her photos show her in the same outfit, she must really like it and she looks stunning in it. No response yet hopefully she does. (Hopefully sheís not a catfish either)
    Don't approach women online with something about their physical appearance. Go with something else to lead -- like a common interest. If someone told me "hmm...you must really like that outfit" i would think they were being snarky/poking fun at me. This is why you won't be successful -- you are assuming she is a catfish.

    For apps like that to work, you have to be on often - don't just swipe two people and leave the app for 6 weeks. Also, have you gotten an honest assessment of yourself as far as are you dressing in a way that compliments you, is your hair something that looks like a dirty mess or compliments you? If you wear glasses, is it a style that looks dated or works with your face shape? Its using what you have to the best of your ability. And are you interesting? Do you have any interests other people might share?

    and its not true that brad pitt is the only one with luck. Women have different "types" they like. Honestly, its a numbers game.

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    Oct 2012
    Sydney Australia
    What about joining a local Meet Up Group? There must be some that cater to your interests? Then you can meet like minded people, make friends, and hopefully meet some nice ladies in the process.
    Good Luck

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