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Thread: Purely O affecting our sex life

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    Purely O affecting our sex life

    My husband and I have been together for almost 6 years, but newly married. Two years ago he was diagnosed with Purely O, a form of OCD. He gets very disturbing intrusive thoughts that he obsesses about and cause him distress and anxiety.

    Because his intrusive thoughts are mostly sex related, you can imagine the impact itís had on our sex life. We rarely have sex (about 6 times since we got married this past summer) and when we do itís because Iíve initiated it, and it seems like he doesnít enjoy it at all. Almost as if heís pushing to finish just so it can be over. And because I know he hasnít been enjoying it, Iíve stopped initiating because I feel bad putting that pressure on him.

    The only thing is, he does still masturbate. Which Iím glad heís able to have that release because masturbation is obviously healthy and normal. But I just wish he was able to have that with me.

    Weíre going on our belated honeymoon in three weeks and we havenít had sex in almost two months. I have a feeling since itís been a while that the pressure to have sex is going to lead to not having sex at all.

    I donít know what to do anymore. I know he feels so guilty so I donít want to kick him while heís down and be like, ďhey I know youíre struggling with anxiety and purely O but youíre not having sex with me anymoreĒ- that just doesnít feel right to do. But Iím also forgetting what itís like to be wanted and desired. I masturbate but I miss being touched by him and having that intimacy with him. If anyone has any advice or can relate please help.

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    Originally Posted by Dollswish
    I have heard that sex dolls can improve the love relationship between couples and help to cure that sex relationship.

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    Thanks for your reply! I used to bring it up a lot more in the past but I see how much it upsets him as well and I feel so badly I donít want to make him feel guilty. Iíve bought toys in the past and sexy outfits and it used to work but the last few months any time Iíve tried heís just said, ďIím so sorry I want to but I canít.Ē Or heíll try to have sex with me because he knows I want to, but I can tell heís not enjoying it and then I end up feeling like Iím forcing him to do something he clearly doesnít want to do. He is able to get aroused but heís not able to get out of his head and just enjoy it because of his purely O.

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