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Thread: Question for men: would you forgive your beloved one who once smack you?

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    ^ Absolutely .

    I'm reminded of this time when I was walking to a bus stop, and a woman was beating on another woman. They were on the sidewalk, in clear view of anyone walking or driving by. This big man runs from the other side of the street, towards the woman who was assaulting, and proceeds to restrain her. She's yelling " No, no, I'm a girl ! I'm a girl!" The looks on his and other people's faces were priceless. As though she had to be kidding, was nuts.

    This idea of it being ok for women to be violent is rooted in that old idea of women being too weak ( physically, mentally, emotionally) to be accountable for their actions. That it's a man's job to manage em. That doesn't have a place in a society where women are regarded as equals. Equals - that doesn't mean there aren't others who may be able to kick her butt.

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    I appreciate everyone's comments and insight. I would've liked to ask more questions about this but I think this is OP's thread and we're heading off topic. Thanks itsallgrand, jman, boltnrun.

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