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Thread: Secret Facebook messages

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    Originally Posted by maew
    First you need to own up to the fact that you don't trust him, and that you feel insecure about the fact that he doesn't tell you everything. If you trusted him completely you would have no desire to read his FB messages to "keep up to date with friends of ours news etc" vs policing his messages looking for reasons not to trust him.

    In my 15 years of being married, I never once looked at his email, texts, or FB messenger unless he showed me a thread from someone. I appreciate privacy and independence, and I appreciate being seen as trustworthy (because I am) so I tend to grant that to the people in my life. I doubt he told me every single thing that was going on in his life or the lives of his friends but so what? At the end of the day I don't need to know all that... we either trust each other or we don't and that's based on our actions and who we are in real life.

    My question for you is, why do you police his messages and need to know every little detail about his life and the lives of his friends?
    I also need to add that I don't take issue with what your husband is doing... communicating with a friend about the problems in her marriage... nor do I think she is wrong for not wanting you to see them.

    If I thought that my friends spouses were going to read my texts or messages I would probably not have them as friends anymore. I wonder what his friends would think if they knew you were reading their conversations? Or what you would think if you were having a private conversation with your friend and she was sharing it verbatim with his/her spouse and laughing about it or discussing it?

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    You might need to rebuild the communication between the two of you. Have you considered marriage counseling? If you attend church, do you have a local pastor who can counsel you? Trust in a relationship is a must. Without it, there is fear and insecurity. I think this can be resolved. Stay encouraged.

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