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Thread: I made a huge mistake

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    Originally Posted by melonbear
    its difficult to navigate healthy relationships when youre not comfortable being alone, is what im gathering from this
    Yes! Viola.. This is exactly it. But don't hurry too quickly about it or feel badly that you haven't figured it out (being comfortable being alone) just yet. Take your time and make all your mistakes and live your life. Just keep adding to yourself (your hobbies, your friendships, your family ties, add to your education and your career and keep motivated and happy). Keep growing. One day you'll get it all together and it'll be a little clearer and you'll feel stronger and stronger. Bit by bit and day by day.

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    Dean, Jess, Dean, Jess, Dean, Jess.......I think you'd be better off on your own for a while. you're young, you don't NEED a heavy relationship. concentrate on ME for a while until you've forgotten about both of them.
    good luck :)

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