There are billions of humans on this planet, billions, surely you can find someone other than an exes roommate.

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If you noticed I did state that I ceased going over to my ex's place months ago. I don't recall saying I didn't have other friends, but again I definitely said I no longer hang out over there. Thirdly, you can't tell people that they don't need closure, and that's also not what I was asking at all. I will have closure thank you...
But what was the point of you going there to begin with? Especially if you have other friends...if you broke up last November thats now 6 months ago, you said 'fast forward a few months later', and your ex moved in with this guy 3 months ago which would lead me to believe you developed feelings 3 months post breakup... which would logically explain many responders impression that this is a strange form of rebounding/making your ex jealous, you sound super young so I can see you not seeing what we see. And honestly if y'all are teenagers or early 20's, this type of girlfriend switching happens so, I guess try to remember were giving advice from adult perspectives where this would be absolutely unacceptable most of the time.

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And no, I have made it clear that I have no intention of getting back with my to answer your last question no
You didn't make it clear to us, we arent in your life... we have nothing to go on but the 3 posts you wrote, the first one where you point out you hung out with your ex a lot. Which that in itself isnt necessarily a bad thing, but when you're adding these elements to it...questions get raised.... the older you get the more you should recognize impulses shouldnt always be followed without thinking of the consequences, which you did, but where you kinda veered off is even though you recognize the consequences you still want to act on impulse.

I dont know how you define closure but by definition there would be no need to get closure from a crush, theres technically nothing to discuss. You have feelings for him, you dont know if the feelings are mutual and you also recognize you cant know without causing trouble. So its not so much closure as its a desire to open pandoras box...