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Thread: I think I have binge eating disorder

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    Apr 2019
    Originally Posted by Cope
    I'm so happy for you! New beginning! We can do this!
    You池e right we can! You and me both! I can get over this! I hope one day I can look in the mirror and see someone beautiful and not have to point out all my imperfections. Today my doctor told me i am a healthy weight and I need to stick to this weight. The thought terrifies me but hopefully with therapy I can do it!

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    Aug 2018
    I'm sorry that you are struggling so much right now. Many of us understand where you are at. It sounds like you have a lot going on emotionally. It's normal for most people to want to ease the pain. Many of us do turn to food to do that, whether we binge eat or restrict. Neither are healthy and you are seeing the effects of that both physically and mentally. It's not a healthy place to be. I would definitely seek out some counseling to help you deal with this or look for support groups in your area that can offer support and understanding Hang in there! Wishing you the best!

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