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Thread: Becoming estranged from my family

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    Originally Posted by Beastelstein
    I know they've exchanged some harsh words with one another but nothing beyond that. I've explained multiple times that she didn't cause me to kill myself but it hasn't really gotten through. I dont think she understands the full extent of my mental health problems because I kept them pretty quiet for most of my life.
    Were the police called because your gf was violent towards you? I'm a big sister to my younger brother and if he had a gf who treated my brother the way your gf does or did, I too would feel protective over him. I've always protected him ever since we were children. A lot of big sisters are protective and perhaps your sister is the same towards you.

    Since your gf is unwelcome by your sister, then attend family gatherings without her. Or, be in alliance with your gf and remain home with her and your pets. Sometimes you can't have everything in life. Boundaries are enforced for a reason.

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    It seems a majority of your problems come from your girlfriend. I'm picking up on that she is violent and very dominating. For someone in your position, with your mental health issues, she is not a person you need in your life. You need to understand that being around someone like that is never going to help you get better, it's going to bring you further down. I think people are right, that your sister and family can see what this girl is doing to you and is just trying to protect you. You cant see what she is doing because you are blinded by your love for her.

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