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Thread: General dating concerns

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    Originally Posted by Chrys31
    It just seems very weird coincidence to me two men that told me the EXACT same things word for word.
    Third time asking...

    If you think he's a liar why do you want to go out with him again?

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    Originally Posted by Chrys31
    Ok... I am weird... Fair enough
    We are all weird luv. In some form or fashion.

    Hell, I'm one the weirdest people around, I own it, embrace it!

    There is nothing wrong or bad about wanting to understand situations and people, but in situations like this, on line dating especially, it's best to just roll with whatever happens.

    Meaning, even if 1 and 4 are related, who the hell cares?

    I mean like, seriously! Who cares, I wouldn't.

    They're both flakes, just next them and be done with them.

    You no doubt will continue to meet more flakes, on line is notorious for it.

    Try to not let it get to you, just keep going. Keeping an open mind and remaining flexible.

    You'll meet yours eventually.

    I did.
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    Thread has run its course.

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