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I think the big exception to the general rule is if it was a situational break-up, rather than an incompatibility break-up (real or perceived). Obviously it is a long way back if one party cheated or was abusive, too long really.

The classic example is a break-up where one person moves away geographically to work/study, you break up or don't, but they find someone local at some point.

The situation changed. Maybe it can change again. Maybe it won't, because both people grow and change in the interim, and can actually become incompatible.

In essence I am saying that -

- if the situation that caused the separation is resolved (and in particular, where it was geographic distance);

- and the break up was handled kindly, probably with some tears on both sides, but no drama or shouting (I think this is a biggie);

- and years later there is still mutual attraction there, and both people are single and feel the spark;

then there is more chance than the average (which I agree is a very low % integer) of a successful reconciliation.
Agree with that!