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Thread: Missed a combined pill near the end of the pack?

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    May 2017
    Originally Posted by RayofLighten
    Why you only have sex 5 times a year?
    I guess it's a mix of uni, work, and just the fact that we both have low sex drives? I parents don't like it when I get home past 9pm, but when we do hang out, we go to places like movies, exhibitions, and sight seeing. I don't know what it is, but it's very natural for us even though we're aware that everyone else does it so much more often lol

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    How about you go to the drug store and get a pregnancy test kit? I think there's zero chance of you being pregnant based on what you said.

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    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    My response/advice is intended for the OP, not whether you agree or not nor submitted for your approval/disapproval. Have you considered responding to the OP directly and her particular dilemma instead of talking around, repeatedly recapping, repeatedly insinuating other posters can't read, etc?
    I did directly respond to the OP and read every word of her post. My response to her is directly above yours.

    I simply pointed out to you that you missed the fact that she had used condoms as a second form of birth control. That is all!

    I did not insinuate you canít read , you clearly read my post , but didnít read the opís. If you had you wouldnít have suggested her bf use condoms when she already said he had.

    Iím sorry you feel my response was to undermine yours, I largely agreed with it,I was simply pointing out something you missed. That is all.

    Of course I realise your response is to her as is mine , I simply happened to notice that you missed some of her post which clearly stated she used condone.

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    I personally would abstain in your shoes (and I did - but that was because when I was your age I was waiting for marriage). I was on the pill in my 20s mostly because of painful periods - I would avoid the pill if it's just for BC because of how infrequently you have sex -not worth it to put all that in your body. You may change your mind someday about kids since you are so young and while the pill isn't dangerous it adds another level of preparation for when you do want to get pregnant. (meaning if).
    It's not worth the stress. Had I gotten pregnant before I was ready I would have had the baby most likely but thank goodness I didn't get pregnant -it was because I was able to pursue and be successful at my career I had the most passion for (well two different ones really) that when I did marry later in life and become a mother I didn't feel like I had missed out on anything (I also had a really active and fun social life because I was able to go out at night when I wanted to -work permitting (i.e. no need to get a babysitter, etc) - and had the energy and desire to do so. So when it was time for me to step back and devote myself to family responsibilities I had the $ to do because of the years I worked plus I didn't feel held back or like I missed out.

    I do not advocate waiting that long to get married/hav a baby as I did (if you change your mind, totally understandable if you never want to have a child!)- but I do think you need to listen to yourself right now, understand that excelling in school and at a future career are your top priorities and understand that your particular fears of pregnancy and stress are an unnecessary stress and distraction -plus the pill might be impacting your mood/weight/energy level so consider that too. Good luck!


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