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Thread: He said "I love you" after almost 2 weeks

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    Platinum Member SherrySher's Avatar
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    May 2016
    He's only 18, that's understandable.

    If he were say, 25, I would really question that, but at 18, you're still learning about life, yourself, your own feelings, etc.

    All you need to do is nicely tell him that you think saying "I love you" this early, is too soon and could he wait until you've gotten to know each other better. (Like a couple months).

    I think that's all you'd need to say.

    Just don't hold it over his head that you know more due to being in a 5 year relationship and he hasn't had one yet. You'll emasculate him and make him feel belittled and there's no reason to do that since you're both so young and both still learning.
    (Not saying you were going to do that, but just wanted to put it out there).

    Give the guy a chance, he sounds really sweet and it's just because it's new. That's a good thing and a happy thing.
    Much better than a guy who's a player or ghosts women.

    If I were you, I'd just enjoy the young love and innocence of it all. It doesn't last long at all.

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    British Columbia, Canada
    You both don't sound compatible. The reason is because he's much more inexperienced than you are and doesn't seem to approach dating in the same way. He also doesn't seem very emotionally in tune with you or smart enough to know that it's too soon (most young adults know this time frame is generally a little too fast). Seems socially awkward to me and even selfish, immature and impulsive as a proclamation of love generally expects love in return (he's put you on the spot!). Every time he says it it might grind on your nerves. Perhaps you're thinking: "Now how TF do YOU know what love is??" Or I can just imagine you wondering how presumptuous he is to even think he knows what love is after two weeks. At that point, you might want to check yourself as that's called resentment and annoyance.

    You don't want resentment and annoyance building up like that so early and unchecked. Sorry, I'm calling a spade a spade and this just isn't natural or easygoing relationship. Too awkward and I think you're going to try your best to fit a square peg in a round hole because youth are often full of energy. Enjoy the journey though. Life's all about learning.

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    Aug 2013
    Context is important here. He may have said it only 2 weeks into the relationship but the OP stated that they were very good friends first, and I get the impression they've been friends for a while. In that case, saying "I love you" after 2 weeks as a couple isn't strange as he may have felt that way for some time before they even got together.

    In any case, OP, it's okay to feel confronted by it, but keep in mind that it's young first time love. He's not a bad personal, just a bit eager. If you like who he is as a human being, then just go with the flow and know that you're under no obligation to feel any particular way towards him. As others have said - just let him know that it might take you a bit longer, so you want to take things slowly.

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    Platinum Member
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    Apr 2016
    After 2 weeks of dating , you are both at the same pace. That is too fast.
    He said he loves you. You said he is everything you want in a bf.

    He doesnít know you well enough to actually know if he will love you.
    You donít know him well enough to know if he actually is everything you want in a bf.

    I realise you said you got out of a 5 yr relationship, but it was a child friendship more than a relationship.
    No real stresses that an adult relationship has. And perhaps that ended once you both moved into adulthood and actually experienced a relationship only towards the demise. ?

    At 18, I donít really consider you being more experienced in an adult relationship.
    This essentially is your first.

    Take his words with a grain of salt. He doesnít mean what he says.
    Likewise treat your thoughts the same way. You really donít know him that well yet despite a friendship first.

    Tell him that you want to get to know him better , that saying I love you is too premature and that you just want to take it Day by day.


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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Cloud Nine
    You don't sound ready to date. He sounds quite naive and probably thinks this is what he needs to say in order to get in your pants. Obviously after knowing you a grand total of 14 days, it's not true. Go at a pace that feels comfortable to you.
    Originally Posted by 260419
    I am my boyfriend's first girlfriend and he told me he loves me after almost 2 tweeks.I had gotten out of a five year relationship (my first one) about 10 months ago,

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    There's no rules or set times on how a person is allowed to feel. Everyone is different. Some people are thrilled to hear it, some are not ready. OP is clearly not ready and should tell him that as soon as possible.

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    Gold Member Gary Snyder's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Land of Wind & Ghosts
    Originally Posted by Afireblue
    Sorry I read that wrong.

    Honestly, don't freak out. He probably really likes you and thinks what he is feeling is love. Don't crush him either for saying it. Just be honest and tell him you want to take things slow.
    - Possibly.

    But at 18, I did not say that until my girlfriend said it, and that was close to two months into the relationship.

    It does sound a little weird when someone says "I love you" after only two weeks! I guess we'll have to see if this nice guys survives the dating process, lol.......please keep us updated!

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