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Thread: Please help get my ex boyfriend back!

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    You are responsible for your own happiness.

    Good luck!

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    Originally Posted by Geminifeed
    I am very dependent on him to live. He always told me the best thing to do and what was best for me. We literally did everything together except for work. Also I have never spoken to another man in my life except for it being a family member or work/school related so I don't have any dating or friend experience with anyone else.
    That's very pathetic. You will end up institutionalised if you don't let go of that very sad attitude.

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    Originally Posted by Geminifeed
    I can't help thinking he did all of that so that I would hate him instead of wanting him back so that it would be easier for me to move on. But obviously it backfired and now I still want him back and am beyond damaged. Over the years after a fight he would always say that he knew the only way I would never come back would be if he cheated on me so maybe he just wanted me to hate him.
    You need urgent psychiatric help!

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