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Thread: Dating a Widow - Crash & Burn

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    Platinum Member SherrySher's Avatar
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    May 2016
    I don't believe that he doesn't feel the same way for you as you do him.

    I honestly feel that he truly isn't ready and didn't realize how much he still needs to heal until he met you.

    I feel that you brought him back happiness and the hope of love, that can trigger pain thinking back to old memories and old feelings.
    It's when he realized he wasn't healed yet and will need more time.

    Losing someone you loved that much that you were married to and had children with, is devastating and can take a very long time to get over, if you ever do.

    I don't feel it's a red flag that he emailed you around his wife's birthday. I think he wants to move on, and he wants to love again...but it takes time to heal and time to feel okay and he's just not there yet.

    Give him time, if you feel you truly did connect, I feel he will eventually contact you when he's in a better place.

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    Platinum Member SherrySher's Avatar
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    May 2016
    Okay, caught up now.

    As for the black tie affair, that really could be iffy. You both like each other, that's clear but he is still not healed and neither of you can deny that.

    You could go ahead and go with him, possibly even get closer to him, but you and he could potentially become more confused and you could be more hurt if he comes back again and says he is not healed and again, needs more time.

    If it were me, I would tell him that I really liked him and I really felt that this could go somewhere but that I was scared of him trying to date when his heart's not ready.

    At the very least, you should have that talk before going forward.

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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    Cloud Nine
    Sorry to hear that. It sounds like he needs freedom to date around before getting serious. But he enjoyed your company. He may have sensed your seriousness and backed off. He may want to restart a family with someone younger.

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