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Thread: Messaging and chance of a date have gone stale.

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    Messaging and chance of a date have gone stale.

    So I met this girl who I really like. She asked me back to hers the first night we met. I decided to not have sex with her as I actually felt a spark, and wanted to get to know her better. She flew back home for two weeks the next day and over that entire period we were talking frequently. This was on snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, texting, and even FaceTimed and called a few times. She finally comes back, and is very busy, but first week still seems keen to meet up, making suggestions herself. The week after something has changed, she seems distant and I know she’s v busy, however we even had a sort of row, but it wasn’t heated, more a misunderstanding of communication, she did seem annoyed though. That was the last time we spoke, ive been trying to leave her to get on with her work, sent her the odd snap or post I think she’d enjoy, but there has been no reply, what should be my next move to make things move forward back towards a romantic encounter?

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Leave it for now. Any other moves on your part won't look good. She flew "home" but where does she actually live? Is this an international student/expat/immigrant visiting family in motherland situation?

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    Originally Posted by mcgroin11
    even had a sort of row...she did seem annoyed though
    Did you meet her on a dating app, or out at a bar/club/elsewhere?

    First, if she wanted to have sex with you on the first date - sorry to be brutal - she probably doesn't see you as a romantic prospect. Not now anyway.
    But see above question - was it your first or second physical meeting?

    Secondly, you have had one date, and seemingly ?? a hundred communications since. Who was initiating these? Maybe what is annoying her is being bombarded with messages.

    Thirdly, stop analyzing and plotting your "next move". Those things are transparent and will likely just annoy her more.

    Just back away, and stop sending her any messages at all, because it sounds like it is the volume that is annoying her.

    If she is interested, she'll get in touch.

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    Platinum Member LC8328's Avatar
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    May 2013
    I have to agree with RayRay...I know you don't want to hear this, but I'd back off and let her get in touch with you. After all you're not exclusively dating and since she didn't seem like talking through whatever she was apparently annoyed about..you might have to consider the possibility that she was interested in someone else as well and could have decided to pursue him instead of you.

    What was your row about? If it was partially due to something you said or did, have you apologized for it and could that be why she seemed annoyed at you?


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