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With all due respect Katrina, unless there has been another post, this one doesn't really give enough info to infer what happened and where the blame really lies. I firmly disagree with the molding herself to "what men want" approach. Imo, the OP would be better off working on her self-esteem, learning more about what constitutes a healthy relationship and what does not and learning to let go of men who are just not that into her. This guy sounds like a creep getting with a girl so much younger than him to begin with. Him a 32 year old blaming a 19 year old for "souring the relationship" sounds cowardly and immature imo.
I agree. By the timeline she's providing he was 30 when she was a minor (probably 17 years old). Also this is a long distance relationship. The age difference (total different stages in life) and the distance make it so that this relationship wouldn't work anyway. It's not on her to try to lure him in and learn how to attract him/men, it should have been on him as an adult not luring a teenager into a relationship with him, string her along and the blaming her on souring the relationship.