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Thread: Does he like me ?

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    Does he like me ?

    Hello ! this is my first time posting here I am really confused I think my friend likes me. I am 23 F he is 24 M but im not sure ok heres the evidence.

    He sent me this on october 10th

    ( cant post link but it says are you todays date ? because you are 10/10 meme . at the bottom small letters says also you are very pretty not sure if he saw that though

    2.he sends me music he likes and wants me to like it too .

    seems to try to impress me .

    3. he touches me a lot (not in a sexual way ) even a few times on the face like poking my cheek .

    4. we accidentally touched hands and I heard him under his breath say we just had a moment but when I asked what he said he would not tell me.

    5. he seemed jealous when he thought a guy was texting me asking me who it was

    6. we were watching this show and I said the guy was cute on it and he said yeah but hes no (insert his name here )

    7. he offered me some of his drink from same cup

    what do you think?

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    Feb 2016
    Yes, he likes you. Why dont you make a move?

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    well I didnt wanna make a move or become obvious I like him if i was just fabricacting things in my head.

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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
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    Where do you know him from? Work? School? How long have you known him? How often have you hung out with him? Do you just want to know if he likes you or are you interested in dating him? Why hasn't he asked you out or done anything directly indicating ( not "seems" or accidentally) that he wants to go out/date?


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    Honestly I'm not sure here. It sounds like he's just teasing. I have plenty of male friends who joke around like this but they don't have the hots for me.

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    Bronze Member Afireblue's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Vancouver, BC
    I think he def likes you

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