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Thread: "I Am Not Responsible For My Family"

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    "I believe you're right on that the work ahead of me is to be seeing this as a lack and a limit in her that is just there. And that maybe just seeing that as starkly as possible is the only way to move forward, and on. Maybe she can't help being who she is and I will just have to forgive her. Which is going to be hard with her knocking on my door asking for our friendship to be restored, as my life as I know it goes up in flames."

    I hope for your sake and your family's sake that you can redirect your energies to figuring out what to do next to help your mother. I think you'll feel much more positive if you start the plans and that process. It's not easy but it will feel more accomplished I think.

    On one aspect, I know many disagree but I don't think parenthood makes anyone more responsible or adult. I think it makes people use their skills and maturity in a different way, I think it tests limits and boundaries, etc. but I don't think it transforms anyone in that way. certainly there are many life changing experiences that happen with, for example, getting an education, travel, helping others during a difficult time, etc but I don't think that changes someone innately it just draws on whatever strengths are already there.

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    Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared
    Your sister is just panicking because you might not view her in the same light.

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