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Thread: Should I let this relationship go

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    He sounds awful and in the future don't make people jump through hoops to be able to spend time with you. I'm sure deep down you lliked how he did tricks for you and looking back he realised he didn't like how he acted. He possibly aware of what you were doing and resents you for it but that doesnt excuse his behaviour. End it.

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    He is a cheater and wants to look around..you can't fix that.

    You need to tell him it's over.

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    Originally Posted by AveryJohnson
    I must say, I honestly am not sure. Iím 24 heís 25 we live separately and have our own money, but sometimes I feel like Iím being a brat. It took so long for me to let him in and he put in a lot of effort, so much that I broke up with him in the beginning because he was over bearing but he always supported me for so long and now I feel Iím always naggin and I guess I just think Iím the reason why he changed.
    You're entitled to your own feedback about his screw ups and the presence of any ex-related things or issues. That's what you do as a partner. You're a sounding board. Just make sure you sound all right.

    Don't second guess yourself. I think your expectations of him have remained the same but your attachment to him changed. This is normal. If things go well, our feelings evolve also. What's not normal is that your dependency changed and your outlook about him changed. You started to think less about you and started to shift your focus (a little too much) on him without maintaining your independence and free spirit. You've lost your confidence. We have all been there. At least I have. You know as well as I do that there's a wild spirit in there that dislikes the person you've grown into. Grow out of it and evolve. Now. He can take it or leave it but you should evolve.

    I'd encourage you both to be mutually respectful. If that means going your separate ways, so be it. If he is up to the task, start living the way you want to live now.

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    He is a cheater and a liar. I don't understand your doubt. You should have dumped him after the first cheating episode. Don't ever excuse that again.


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