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Thread: how do i talk to this guy? HELP!

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    Mar 2019
    Auckland - Waitakere

    how do i talk to this guy? HELP!

    So there is this guy and i did write my other thread in regards to both of us being shy to talk to each other but i want to hit it off coz it looks like he aint doing anything. but i am like a really awkward but like gumby kinda weird girl who just keeps talking when nervous and does weird that some people find amusing yet others find annoying. so i just ramble on and on about one thing then suddenly to another thing that has nothing to do with what i was talking about before. and i go red REALLY fast and I cant control it. And then ill start to laugh or just randomly walk off or something coz i dont know what to do.

    I feel like im rambling but yeah... how do i do this smoothly without making it awkward or weird

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    Mar 2019
    Practice makes perfect. Put yourself in awkward situations and talk to random strangers.

    Just like public speaking or anything else in life. It becomes comfortable with time and practice.


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