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Thread: Back and neck pain

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    Any 50 y/o with back and neck pain needs a cardiac work up. Chiropractors are not physicians. They can not do mammograms, colonoscopies, EKGs blood tests, etc. All things anyone at age 50 should have screening tests for. How do you know you don't have cardiac or lung or gastrointestinal or other problems?

    How do you know it's not bone metastases from breast cancer or colon cancer? How do you know it isn't cardiovascular disease? A chiropractor who tells you "your ribs won't stay in place", certainly doesn't sound ethical enough to refer you for appropriate care and seems to just want to keep profiting from such quack "diagnoses"..
    Originally Posted by LindaKayy
    I also have ribs that dont stay in place.

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    Mar 2019
    Also try PT (physical therapy) per protocol.

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