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Thread: I canít stay interested in anyone

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    I canít stay interested in anyone

    So Iím 14, a freshman, and Iíve realized ever since Iíve started getting crushes, as soon as they knew, or started flirting back, I became uninterested. Iíd get these HUUGGGEE crushes, and when they knew, Iíd just stop liking them, stop talking to them, and I just wouldnít look at them. Itís not that Iím not attracted to guys, Iíve dated a few girls once, and the same thing happened. So Iím confused. The same things happen with sports/games/shows, Iíll get super into it, and then just drop it. The only thing i havenít dropped yet is Youtube and horseback riding (I dropped it a few times but got back into it). Iím kinda in this situation now. I had this guy I really liked, and we kinda started flirting and texting on Snapchat. Weíd play games wit eachother, and weíd talk for a while every day. But after like 3-4 days of him flirting with me, I completely lost interest. I donít talk to him, I leave him on read, Iím embarrassed to even look at him, i Skipped a few days of track just to stay away from him, and I really need advice.

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    Well first off you are very young and you are exploring a lot of things right now. I remember when I was your age my head was spinning in so many directions I couldn't see straight. The only thing I really focused on was running track and obviously my studies because that was a given. As for boys I was into one boy one week and another one the next. I think a lot of it at least for me is because I didn't even know at the time what the heck a relationship was or what love was and got really scared off once I thought the flirting got to be too much. It sounds like the same thing is happening to you. At your age don't focus on the flirting. Just chat with boys about music, movies, tv, school, and regular stuff. Nothing to put that pressure on you and see how it goes.

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    This is very typical of kids your age, you are exploring and learning and it's all very overwhelming. I was the same at that age and I suspect most kids are like that. You flit from one thing or person to another, and there's nothing wrong wtih that. It's how you learn what you like and dont like and as you gain more experience with the opposite sex you become more discerning about the qualities of the person. It's also very normal to take up a new hobby or watch a new tv show for a short time, find it doesnt really interest you, and then you move on. It's all part of growing up so rest assured you are perfectly normal and dont sweat it!

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    Are you questioning your sexual orientation/sexuality? Perhaps your hormones are surging but you are going through other issues socially and at school, etc. The smartest thing to do is ask your parents to make an appt for you with a therapist. You can talk to and explore all these issues there in privacy with an expert and get some guidance/tips.
    Originally Posted by MyBayRazz
    Itís not that Iím not attracted to guys, Iíve dated a few girls once, and the same thing happened.


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    Some young women below 27 aren't ready to fall in love yet.

    Don't sweat it! There is a whole world out there for you to explore with hobbies and pastimes and places and things, go enjoy and don;t worry about it. You'll have plenty of time for love later, when you are ready.

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