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Thread: Why Can't I Orgasm?

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    Why Can't I Orgasm?

    Okay; so I've been trying to Orgasm for the last two months nothing has worked. I'm very creative with alot of things but I somewhat have to be quiet cause I live in an apartment; the walls aren't very thick. I don't spend money on sex toys because I don't really want that going on my tab and payments. I've tried multiple things, like household appliances but I just can't.

    In other words, is there any advice you lovely people would know and want to give on just Hand-making orgasms; without appliances just with the bare hands. For some reason bare hands and no appliances make me more turned on; but it still won't work.
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    Please note that the sex and romance forum is for topics that are directly related to and contain a relationship question. Any threads which are not related to a specific relationship question, will be removed. Thread closed.

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