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Thread: Stalker threat

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    Jalapeno1234, when you had the Facebook account did you have your city and state information on your account and name. I highly doubt you had your full address and phone number on there. I highly doubt anything will come of this, but if you somehow do get other messages somehow or if he does show up immediately contact the police. I don't think that will happen.

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    My experience of contacting the police in the UK about being harassed online was that they took it very seriously. I guess this is so that behaviour which could potentially escalate into something serious is nipped in the bud. Interestingly, the policeman who took my statement was as concerned about how I felt as a result of the harassment, as he was in the content of the messages. In my case, messages which would sound innocuous to anyone else also made reference to upsetting things in my life, which only I would understand.

    To be honest, this guy's communication sounds like very heavy-handed flirting, but it can feel very menacing when you've asked someone to leave you alone, and they just persist. Keep records of all his correspondence and, as others have said, if it goes any further then contact the police. Apparently getting a phone call from the rozzers puts off all but the most hardcore stalkers!

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