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Hang in there. Try to surround yourself with loved ones who genuinely care for your wellbeing. You're far too accustomed to this negativity surrounding you because this relationship has been influencing you for awhile. It's traumatizing enough going through an abortion. You should be telling yourself that you deserve more, you deserve to be treated better and that you don't ever have to go through something like this again. Resist placing the blame on anyone regarding the abortion (it'll just put you on a dark and narrow path downwards). Heal as much as you can from it and re-learn how to love yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are.

What's forgivable may be emotions which may be tumultuous. What is NOT forgivable, in my mind, is someone close to you who deserts you and betrays your trust at a time when you need it most. He's said some damaging things to you and I don't think it's responsible for you to hold out hope for someone who is capable of betraying your trust so blatantly. Don't be afraid to raise your bar and let go/sacrifice this type of relationship for something far better. I think you would owe it to yourself to ask for more from a partner.
Thank you, this is really helpful. I am thinking about your words a lot. I know you are right.