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Thread: My only friend had to move out

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    My only friend had to move out

    Hi. I don't have many details to give on this, so, the short story is that my friend had to go and now I have literaly no incentive to go out and have human contact. I'll still be able to keep in touch as we always play together and talk trough discord, but his presence was really important and when I needed to get out of my house to keep my sanity, he was the one I had and liked to call. I generally don't get along with other people as I have very specific topics and always end up in conversations that are boring for both parts. The sole reason I'm friends with him is because we have so much in common on these things that it worked out.
    I'm really lost, idk what to do now and I'm really afraid of trying to make new friends to go out as this one took some years on the same class to get to this point and I'm not on school anymore.

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    Why don't you join a Meet Up focusing on one of the topics you are interested in. If it is not an option, there must be some group in your area that you could join. I am certain there is more than one person in your area that you can be friends with.

    You need to get out and learn to interact with others.

    Have you considered volunteering? You do not need to be in school to meet people.

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    If you only want to talk to and be friends with people who talk about the 2 topics you only want to talk about, the prospects for friendships are limited. Cultivating friendships involve empathy, and people's lives change. They may want to talk only about Dungeons and Dragons and ricotta cheese for awhile (just randomly picking two topics), but then they have life events that happen that expand their world and gives it more texture, and you don't want to hear about it. Maybe its time to try new things and expand yourself as well as learning some give and take conversation skills. you put a lot of responsibility of being your only friend on that friend.

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