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Thread: badminton injury

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    badminton injury

    During badminton practice (for high school), we were practicing girls doubles, when both my partner and I went for the birdie at the same time. My partner was a strong player, and when she swung, the racket hit me right in the mouth, causing my lips to start bleeding (both upper and bottom) and immediately sending me into tears of pain. She didn't apologize, and acted as if nothing had happened. I think she might have genuinely not known that she had hit me, but it still hurts a lot and still causes me some trouble when eating (my parents applied medication, but the effect is slow). I kind of doubt that she doesn't know she hit me because we made eye contact directly after her racket hit me (I was in tears), but she is generally a nice person and I also doubt that she would just not apologize after accidentally swinging metal to someone's face at high speed and power (and knowing it).

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    What are you asking? Do you want to tell her that she hit you in the mouth and you bled and it hurt a lot? Do you want her to apologize? Do you want her to feel bad?

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