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May I offer some advice, just to give a different perspective. I am totally your opposite, worked 9-5 jobs, stable income, good savings, very mediocre, just enough money to be comfortable. But I am happily married for over two decades to the second woman I dated. She is Asian, so she has that traditional, high regard for family and faithfulness. So this is something coming from maybe an entirely different perspective. If I were you, and thatís a very big if I were you, I would avoid online dating sites and since you are very mobile, I would go the conventional way of meeting as many women who are single, either through others, through work, or through travel. Just meet as many women and know who they are, not necessarily dating but through activities such as parties, volunteer work, sports events like marathons or raising funds for cancer or whatever. Take your time, and do not reveal your financial status if you can. You need to immediately weed out those who might have other motives. Wear simple clothes, not flashy. If you go on a date, a respectable but less expensive restaurant might help each of you focus more on each other. I tell my sons if your date seems more concerned with your shirt on a date, take note of that. If you work with someone who seems to have very good values and has a single sister, let us say, in Canada, go for a visit and meet the family. If I had that money, I would travel and seek opportunities to meet women who have values that would probably contribute to a stable relationship.
I agree with this, thank you for the advice.

some people do sometimes look at successful people as a opportunity rather than a human-being