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Thread: Crazy ex girlfriend

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    Crazy ex girlfriend

    I feel like I'm totally crazy. I got broken up with because I was overthinking. We became friends and it was fine for a couple of weeks. I sent her to many messages I didn't send one every day maybe every other day. One day I got so emotional about the breakup I ended up getting a little obsessed and I messaged her asking if we were still okay as friends. This was after talking to her the day before. She got upset. I was freaking out really hard that I may have messed up the friendship so a few days later I messaged her saying that what I did wasn't cool and that I hope I didn't mess up the friendship. She got mad and assumed that I wanted to be more than friends, but I didn't. She said I messaged too much. She kept me on Facebook, but since she didn't want me in her life I unfriended her. I am now considered the crazy ex girlfriend. Am I really crazy or did I have a lapse if judgement. Did I do something really bad?

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    Ok this is simple to fix. Just stop messaging.
    Originally Posted by butterflywin
    I ended up getting a little obsessed and I messaged her asking if we were still okay as friends. She said I messaged too much.

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    If by «crazy» you mean emotional, distraught, maybe a little irrational when thinking about losing something important to you - yes - you are crazy. Lol! But if it’s any consolation, most of us are a little crazy during the throws of a breakup. That’s why most of us suggest NC. To allow the emotions of the breakup to fade.

    If by «crazy» you mean behaving in a way that is outside the norm of breakup emotions - behaving in a way that is scary or concerning for the wellbeing of people... no... you are not crazy.

    What you exhibited is a normal level of crazy. Lol!

    But you should go NC now. You are not in the right frame of mind to be having a friendship with your ex.

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    If you want a friendship in the future, the best move is to back off now and get her over her first. Just let her know you're going to take a few months to heal and check in with yourself down the road to assess if you honestly want a friendship. Friendship should be mutual and low pressure. If you feel like you have to heavily monitor the amount you are texting someone because they might get the wrong idea, the two of you are not friends anyways.


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    You can't be friends if there are feelings. Go NC.

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