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Thread: I am sooo confused, why do I keep getting ghosted?

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    Well this just seems like very typical behaviour that people display these days and I also found it annoying when I was doing online dating. I think due to dating apps and social media, people these days feel like they always have a lot of options and "the grass is always greener". I think it's competitive to actually get people to stick around. I thinm if you like a guy then you may need to be very down to the point, like: "Do you want to meet at x cafe, at x time on x day?" I think people will especially drop off if you're not obvious enough or meet fast enough. I personally hate just endlessly chatting to people online that I don't really know because I consider it a waste of time. I always dropped off on online dating unless someone was willing to meet me pretty quickly. However it may just be a pure coincidence that these guys "ghosted" you. I think that happens to everyone!

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    I would limit the electronic exchanges and see what happens. Texting back and forth with no goal or payoff is exhausting and pointless.
    If you think about it, what's the point? Unless all either one of you are looking for is an electronic buddy.

    A few years back (before I knew better) I was exchanging texts from some guy from on line dating. This went on for a couple weeks. He seemed to be leading and I was merely following his pace. He didn't text often, but more sporadically. I wasn't quite sure what he wanted and didn't ask.

    One day he text me `well?!'. My response `well what?'
    This went back and forth several times until he finally came out and told me what he was after.
    It seems he was accustomed to having had shared sexy pic's by now and was losing interest or patience that I didn't catch on or know better.

    Call me naive but from what he shared that was the unsaid expectation.
    Obviously he was rewarded for his patience in the past or he wouldn't have hung in there for two weeks with me.

    Yah, I didn't text with him from that moment on.
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