I am 24 next month and been with my boyfriend for a year and half, I became pregnant in October, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks :(
My parents werenít thrilled about the pregnancy, so after I had the miscarriage my mum said to me Ďno more babies and to go on the pillí
But I donít want to go on the pill and I want to try for a baby again,
So I havenít been taking the pill and been buying ovulation tests to help time it right for a baby,
My boyfriend and I both want a baby, both responsible adults, both work with both of us having university degrees and earning enough money etc.. and moving into a flat together next month,
Just now my mum come to me say Ďyou taking your pill?? Why you have those tests in your cupboard??í
Is it right at the age of nearly 24 that my mum look in my cupboards at my personal things?

Itís not just the pregnancy thing... it is all aspects of my life, she needs to know everything and what I am doing, at the point where I feel I am 8 years old or something..

It makes me so upset when she does this, the feeling I get inside me is like a tunnel craving in, my heart drops and I feel I can never be who I truly am because I have to be the way my mum wants me to be.... which is to be an athlete all my life, she makes me feel guilty for wanting my own life and always when she start at me like this I am too scared to answer her back - I donít want that life anymore, I want to make nice family with my boyfriend, ... the happiness and joy that I had when I found out I was pregnant was amazing!

I want that again and to make a life with the man I love,

Is it right that my mum do this or no?
Is she allowing me to be what I want? Or keeping me in her Ďcontrolí