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Thread: Chandler's Dating / Relationship Journal

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    Chandler's Dating / Relationship Journal

    For my own personal self to figure out the qualities I want in a man or for others to read for a little laugh. I am a 19 year old girl (despite the boy name ) in college, so I've dated a lot of...interesting...men. However, I've learned something from all of them.

    Sam: my first "boyfriend." I was 15 and a freshman in high school. It lasted maybe a month or two? I barely count it. He still hits me up to this day, tho, and we are friends.

    Tim: my first love, my first heartbreak, my first of many things - my high school sweetheart, if you will. A short dude with a hella big attitude, who still had unresolved feelings for his ex. I was 17 going on 18. It was pure: second date, we had our first kiss; a month, he told me he loved me; 5 months, he gave me a promise ring; 7 months, he took my virginity; 9 months, it ended nasty. We lost contact and nearly a year later, to my surprise, he recently followed me on Instagram again. He is someone who I will never get back with even if given the chance, but I am mature enough now to be civil with.

    Jonathan: my rebound guy. I was desperate after my breakup with Tim. That didn't last long. Bad hygiene and no personality is a deal breaker. Sorry, Jon! I tried to be friends, but he ended up unfriending me on Facebook and removing me from Snapchat. I don't blame him, I'd hate me, too.

    Joe: my first in love experience, and ironically, the guy who also played me and hurt me the most. Also, Jon's cousin (weird coincidence ). I knew he was trouble from the first Instagram message he sent to me, "girl your gorgeous" (with the wrong use of your). He was 6'4, deep country accent, and made my heart flutter. There was only one flaw about Joe - he was an alcoholic who did drugs. Despite this, I loved him and was convinced he loved me, too, for he told me many times. He was my summer love, 3am phone calls, authentic and deep. After being on-and-off again for 3 months, I had sex with him for the first time only to find that he had blocked on everything (except Snapchat?) with no explanation the following morning. The worst heartbreak I've experienced. He has continued to watch my stories occasionally ever since, and I heard from him again back in Decemeber when he slid up on my Snapchat story. Forever a mystery.

    Josh: an emo, who I went on one movie date with. He was one year younger than me - a senior in high school while I had just graduated. It didn't feel right, so I cut it off, and he would send me passive-aggressive phone calls and texts. Called me every name in the book but said he didn't mean it later. Okay, Josh, whatever you say. I still hear from him sometimes.

    Nick: the first guy I briefly dated in college. He was 23 and going on his sixth year at college. I later found out that he prayed on freshman girls. He was a crybaby and had attachment issues. He cried when I told him what I got him for his birthday. I dumped him on his birthday (another coincidence). Plus, it would've never worked because I was still in love with Joe. We're Facebook friends, and he's dating yet another freshman girl. Surprise, surprise.

    Andrew: a guy from who I went to high school with. We flirted through Snapchat, and we hung at the park then went to my place, cuddled and what not, but he ghosted me afterwards. Thankfully, I didn't like him too much. He ended up adding me on Snapchat again later on and then deleting me. Weird. Later, Drew!

    Caleb: almost lover. 22, handsome, but too skinny. He was good to me, and I ruined things. But on the bright side: he lived over an hour away, which was stressful for me to commute, and I believed he was never going to commit. So, I didn't think it would work anyway. I believe his purpose in my life was to prove to me that there is love after Joe. Though, I wouldn't use "love" to describe my feelings for Caleb, I did like him a lot, and it did hurt losing him.

    Thank you, next.
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