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Thread: Are there legitimate signs a girl likes me here?

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    Are there legitimate signs a girl likes me here?

    I've been speaking to a girl in my school (same year) for around 9 months now, we dont share any classes and we are on seperate "sides" of the year so we don't see eachother around school much or get the chance to speak. However, we do speak almost every day on social media or sometimes text messages. In September, she told my friend that I wasn't really her type after she got the idea I was into her, I dont think she ever found out if I was really into her but I am sure she knew. Its been a while since then (5 months), and I think we've both changed and definitely know eachother better. We share interest in games online and some music genres. I do like her, shes a part of my life and I love speaking to her, even if its not face to face.

    Recently (in the last week or so), shes been showing signs she might be into me? I wanted to put them here and ask for advice if they're actually signs or its just me, and how I should approach this going forward.

    - When asking for her advice about wether I should continue wearing glasses or try contacts, she said my face was really cute without glasses, and that I shouldn't care if people think I look weird (because I've worn glasses almost my entire life basically).

    - She sends more hearts, specifically 💞 (revolving hearts). This may be a general thing, but its definitely increased recently.

    - She asked me which selfies I liked best for instagram, she sent quite a lot and asked which ones were my favourites.

    - She asked if I wanted to play a "game", where we both send pictures of features and people that would fit our "type", basically clothes and looks. Also, after she posted what she would look for in a guy, she said "Your turn b". I don't know exactly what this could stand for, typically baby, babe, boo, bae or something of that sort.

    - We were chatting a few nights ago, she asked what I was doing or something similar, I said I was just getting out the shower and id be a minute, she replied with 💘😉

    - She tends to send more selfies recently, with and without filters. Usually our chats start when she sends me a selfie when shes out or something.

    - Last night we were sending selfies and she sent one of her eating cake, the caption was: "me" (her obviously), and "yo " (the cake she was eating).

    I also wanted to add some reasons she might be suddenly into me, so here are some.

    - We are in our last year of school, and I was planning to go somewhere else (not where she was going), but I've changed my plans and I think we're both staying on at our school for 6th form/Year 12. Also we are both taking history, and she added we probably will be in the same class.

    - I started uploading instgram selfies about 2.5 weeks ago, which I suppose would show more confidence. I'm not the most confident person in the world, I try my hardest and she knows that.

    Thanks! I really want this to workout, thought I should ask here.

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    Gold Member smackie9's Avatar
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    She likes you ...ask her out. BTW the way to show confidence is to not change for them. So don't bother with contacts, keep the glasses...be confident that she should like you the way you are...never ever bend over backwards to have a girl approve of you. And never be eager or too available. Be kool and a little aloof.

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    Gold Member thisisrichey's Avatar
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    yeah i tink she likes you. that isn't the hard part though.
    WHY does she suddenly like you is the real question here. is it because of wha tyou say? is it because she' getting tired of waiting and is sincerely interested in you? or is she using you to light a fire under somebody else she likes?

    that's your job to find out. but go with it and spend time with her and have fun - the truth will always come out over time.

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