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Thread: Am I being too sensitive?

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    Originally Posted by Batya33
    Yes. I was confused too. Are you in charge of giving consequences to the MA (and others) for things like lateness? Or does Diane get the last word.
    Exactly. It's different if you were hired to manage a staff member and yet your boss undermines those choices, effectively preventing you from fully doing your job.

    Its not completely clear to me if this is the case here.

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    Well, is Diane the actual practice owner? Or is she just one of the doctors that works there? In any case, I actually think that unfortunately while it's a little unfair that Diane has become good friends with her MA, it's not exactly that inappropriate. In most companies there are no policies against being friends with your colleagues. I guess if the relationship was romantic or sexual and Diane is the boss then yes it's inappropriate but if it's only platonic friendship then it's allowed morally and most likely by company policy also.

    I think regarding saying that it's OK that the MA was late just because she was "looking in the mirror" is not fair because staff can't be late for no good reason. Regarding work standards the MA has to be treated by Diane equally to the other staff.

    But in regards to things like chatting together or going out for lunch outside of work, that is not wrong in my opinion. I know it makes you feel excluded but I think what's happened here unfortunately is that Diane has bonded with the MA and sees her as a friend, whereas she just sees you as a colleague. Therefore as friends she wants to take the MA out for lunch but never took you out because no offence but she obviously doesn't want to be actual friends outside of work.

    It may not even be anything personal about you at all but it's about dynamics and clicking with people. We can't control who hits it off with whom and if it's not us then sometimes we just have to accept it and move on. If Diane is nice to you and she gave you a pay rise and has been good to you as a boss then I'm afraid you don't have much to complain about.

    If you have your own friends in your personal life outside of work then I would say just focus on that. Just think of your work as a job to make money and don't take it personally if you don't become friends with people there.

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    This high turnover in itself is enough reason to tune up your resume and LinkedIn profile and get started on an intensive job search. It's a reflection of the whole situation you described.
    Originally Posted by Traes
    There's been a high turnover here with both doctors and medical assistants.

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