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Thread: Insecurity ,Inadequacy just before marriage!

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    Insecurity ,Inadequacy just before marriage!

    Hey everyone.

    My marriage has been fixed,itís arranged like how it usually goes in all Asian countries and itís slated this year in August.my finance usually tends to be busy on the weekdays due to heavy workload where she ends up working 12 hrs a day.basically ours is a long distance relationship till d marriage.and she barely gets time to talk to me on weekdays and maybe at night for few minutes.
    Itís mostly weekends where we communicate ,but I have this constant feeling that she is losing interest in me or is not into me that she doesnít bother to check on me( I understand she is not allowed to take her phone inside office because sheís working for an offshore project related to Bank of America ).

    Anyhow on weekends sheís happy she gets close to me but one weekdays itís like she doesnít have time and I start getting needy and desperate since I do need attention from my girl occasionally.

    Iím just worried if she was into this because her parents forced her or was she Venu genuinely interested in me at the first place.

    Both me and her were previously engaged to other partners and our engagement fell apart.

    I love her so badly that I want her to reciprocate the same feelings towards me but apart from the small kisses she texts me she never says she loves me and I find it really hard to engage her in a conversation.

    Just FYI sheís an Aquarian also.

    Please guys can you help me with this one.i m so insecure and have this feeling that she might eventually get bored with me and leave me.

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    Silver Member Gary Snyder's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Weekend attention/chats/dates is okay. Some good married couples live apart and only see each other once a week on date night. So yours is not out of the norm.

    Get some friends/hobbies/work to occupy your alone time.

    Relax - be thankful she's a hard worker. Some people are high maintenance.

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    Gold Member thisisrichey's Avatar
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    Oct 2018
    is she possibly busy planning the wedding? (that is very time-demanding)....?
    if not.. i don't know what to say since it is an "arranged marriage"... so it's not based on desire and love you see.

    maybe ask that the marriage be broken again (the engagement) since that seems possible?

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