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Thread: Lost feelings for my husband of 5 years

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    Platinum Member ThatwasThen's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    Central Canada
    I also met someone else who wants to see me
    ... and there it is.

    So: Did you have thoughts of not having feelings for your husband before you met this someone else or did those thoughts just come into your mind after you met this someone?

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    Platinum Member lostandhurt's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    So you wrote out a whole paragraph but didn't answer one of my questions. Why don't we start with you answering the questions and go from there.


    Originally Posted by lostandhurt
    So when I started reading your first words I was wondering when the "other man" would pop up and poof there he was just a few sentences away.

    You may think we are not being very understanding but you need to realize many of us have been on this forum a while and have seen this exact same scenario too many times to count.

    Let me ask you a few questions:

    1 What do you want to happen? Save this marriage or get a divorce?
    2 Depending on what you answered above; how is being "friends" with some young guy that just wants to bang you help #1?
    3 Why did your fist marriage end?
    4 Was your husband like this when you were dating? Engaged?

    You see it looks all to easy to bail on something that isn't working when you think you have something else lined up. I seriously doubt your husband wants to get divorced so if you approach him in a way other than nagging where he sees that you are serious about improving the whole marriage (not just your entertainment) then you will know where he stands. This means marriage counseling, cutting off your "friend", deciding what you want in your life and then the both of you working your butts off to accomplish it. This could be an awesome opportunity to share a goal that could change your lives.


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