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Thread: Starting a conversation

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    Starting a conversation

    I am bad at communicating to others only when i am not close to them. I dont wanna say something weird or to make the person think that i am weird and suddenly talking to him or her how do u start a conversation please ty

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    Oct 2018
    the secret to converssation is not to find things you can by formula and script say to others.
    the key is to LISTEN... pay attention.. and ask questions and follow-up questions to what the other person is saying so you can learn about them.

    good luck.

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    Figure out first if you are curious about people -what makes them tick, what they like etc. Go to an environment where conversation happens naturally - an exercise class, book club, hiking group, backstage theater where you volunteer to build sets or do the variety of activities to put a performance together, volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen and talk with your fellow volunteers, etc. I volunteer at a radio station helping with fundraising, for example. Then comment on what you're all doing together at that time or something in the environment.

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